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Thread: '55 C-Coupe Window Alignment

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    '55 C-Coupe Window Alignment

    I have the manual and parts books for our 1955 President C coupe. The passenger door window has an alignment issue as shown in the attached picture - half inch gap at top front and behind vent window. Looking through the parts and shop manuals suggests that one of the regulator studs may have come out of the track or there is just an alignment issue. What is the consensus?


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    Looks like the front regulator mounting bolt came loose, and let it slip down. Pull the door panel (card, whatever you want to call it) and take a look, it's all right there, pretty simple.

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    Hi your car looks just like mine when I first got it. And yes there are two rollers under the window held in place with a spring clip the rollers can brake the springs can come lose etc. You have to remove the door panel or card then the workings will show themselves to you. Replace broken parts lub the moveing parts and clean the bottom on the inside of the door. Make sure the drain holes are clean I use a hack saw blade don't cut anything just push through openings. good luck

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