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    Somebody Else

    My wife and I were just talking about finding a competent builder to custom-build a TH700R4 for our 289 Wagonaire. I’m not a really great transmission guy, and told her we might need to find somebody else to do it. I laughingly told her “it’s a good thing we didn’t name any of our kids “Sombody Else”! “Somebody Else Durkee”. Can you imagine? The poor kid would never be out of work! Shopping carts left in parking lot stalls, trash on the ground, dishes left unwashed... all with the expectation that poor “Somebody Else” will do it!
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    Then, their expectant faces will lose some of their luster as they realize that Somebody (more often than not), becomes Nobody. I see this phenomenon all the time at grocery stores, neighborhoods, you name it. It happens regardless of socio-economic status or demographic too. Oh well...Somebody Else will take care of it.
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