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Thread: Highwaymen Car Club Plaque

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    Highwaymen Car Club Plaque

    Way back in 08 I tried to find a plaque from the local car club four of us founded back in the late 50's. At the time, JDP suggested Creative Castings in Oregon. For a number of reasons, including lack of an original plaque, the project went into idle.

    About two years ago, I ran into a local that had been a member (John) after I left the club and he had one hanging on the back of his T-bird. Probably the only one in captivity. John and I discussed getting the plaque reproduced but again calls said it would be best to send the plaque. John was agreeable but I couldn't bring myself to put it in mail or other other delivery service as John was in bad health and I knew losing the plaque would not do him well.

    I did take a couple of good pictures and then the interest dropped as I continued on the 74 Avanti. John passed away during the summer and I again thought about the plaque. I couldn't bring myself to inquire to the family about the plaque as I knew how much his car and the plaque meant to them so I started covering the ground I had previously trod.

    The original post popped up http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...en-Club-Plaque and I contacted Dan Bradley at Creative Castings.

    Dan Bradley
    Creative Casting Co.
    3762 S 60th St.
    Tacoma, WA 98409

    Dan said a good picture was all I needed with today's technology and they could make it darn close. So I sent him the picture I had.

    Dan said no problem and sent a draft. After a short discussion on appearance We agreed on the design and Creative made four plaques. They arrived yesterday and it looks like I'm about a paint job and two "S" hooks from being 17 again.

    The plaque looks old and that's what Dan and I settled on. Total cost $216.50 delivered for the four plaques. The mold will stay at Creative if I need more. I smiled a big one last night when I opened the box.

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    So cool!
    Dick Steinkamp
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    That is indeed great. Good for you for tracking down an affordable source for the tag.
    Joe Roberts
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