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Thread: Passing of Larry Wessel

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    Passing of Larry Wessel

    Today I received notification that Larry Wessel of Sequim WA passed away recently. I personally did not know Larry. I was not provided information regarding when nor how he passed. I was not able to find an obituary online.

    My condolences to those of you who may have known him.
    Mark L

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    Thanks Mark.
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    Really sorry to hear that about Mr. Wessel.

    I acted as an intermediary back in 2013 when Mr. Wessel sold his very clean 4-door '66 Cruiser to a forum participant from Australia. I went up to inspect the car and then a week later went up to finalize the deal and arrange for shipment of the car to the port in California.

    He was a pistol! He was selling his Cruiser so that he'd have the money to get started on a restomod of a '54 K-bodied Stude. When we talked, I'd mentioned that I was on the lookout for Packard Hawks and asked him to keep his eyes peeled for me. I never expected to hear from him again. A week after that he called me up all excited to tell me about a '58 Packard 2-door - "A kind of Stude-looking thing" - he'd spotted out behind someone's barn up in Sequim. I asked him whether it had two headlights or four. He said, "four." I explained to him that it sounded like it was a '58 2-door sedan, not a PH. He said he'd keep looking. That's the last time I'd spoken to him. Wonder how far he ever got with that K-body project?

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