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Thread: Who made Sears shocks?

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    Who made Sears shocks?

    I have some 79365 Sears shocks
    Are these correct for my 1966 6 cylinder sedan?
    I can not find the answer online and I do not have an old Sears catalog.
    Who made the shocks for Sears?

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    If I recall, Bob, I believe it was Maremont, prior to Gabriel.

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    My Sears Shocks are Gabriel, Painted a Metallic Orange/Bronze Color. Bought about a Dozen in 1978 to '80.

    They were as Good as OEM AND Gabriel branded H.D. Shocks.
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    Gabriel shocks were made by were Sears shocks, JCPenney shocks and probably many other private labels.
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    Bob, I have a 1972 Sears Automotive catalog listing all the parts they sell for various makes and models; extensive and detailed. Unfortunately, it doesn't include any Studebakers.

    However, among all the numbers for Heavy Duty shocks, the number 79365 doesn't appear anywhere. There are many 79XXX numbers lower than that, but the highest number in use as of that date was 79345. Too, the newer the applications, the higher the numbers.

    So from that, I would deduce that the number 79365 you cite was yet to be used as of this 1972 catalog, suggesting that 79365 would not have a Studebaker application. BP
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    I put a set of brand new Wards Riverside shocks on my 64 last year. Work great. Kinda hated to take them out of the boxes.

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    In about 1977 or 78,I bought a pair of Sears air shocks for my '67 Impala.Took them out of the box and they looked exactly like Gabriel HiJackers.

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