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Thread: Plug Wire Routing: Avanti II

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    Plug Wire Routing: Avanti II

    Is there a specific routing required?.....I'm trying to solve a radio static issue....all the shields are in place.....wires are the resistor type.....plugs are correct.... I didn't have the problem prior to a professional tune up.....
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    Is the static constant or does it it change with engine rpm's? If constant, it's ignition noise...if it changes with rpm's it's alternator whine. If your plug wires are all routed behind the shielding you may need to add RFI filters. If your car already has filters they could be bad from age and use and need replacing. It could be the it original or aftermarket? Some aftermarket replacements have ineffective or no filtering installed.

    It may require filters or condensers added to the alternator, the distributor and in the power leads to the radio itself. If your car has HEI and it uses a Corvette shield around the distributor, it's made of a polymer with an aluminum foil shield inside it. Maybe the foil has worn away and needs replacing.
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    What was changed during the "professional tune up"?
    The only change I can think of is going from resistor spark plugs to non resistor plugs.
    Or, changing from carbon plug wires to solid wires, but you said they were resistor type.

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    Is there a ground wire on the Oil Pressure Gauge metal tubing to the Engine?
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