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Thread: “Dash”— our ‘59 Hawk project

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    “Dash”— our ‘59 Hawk project

    I thought maybe it was time to show-n-tell about our ‘59 Silver Hawk Kathy and I are building. This car we bought from a nice fellow name Al Duble in Arizona. It had been involved in an accident that fortunately didn’t hurt him, but didn’t do the car any good C0D87B01-E156-4D6E-A3D9-051E9DE8EDE6.jpg (I have no idea why this is upside down, it’s not how it was in my library)5A2723C7-2312-4F90-92ED-04B6C6E6B59C.jpgHere’s a poor shot of it on our way back from Arizona to Seattle, where I took 2of my grandsons on a road trip to get it. The car is a typical totally rust-free Arizona car, just amazing. A complete bolt-on nose was what was required to fix it... aft of the engine the car was excellent. It’s a 259 stick with O.D. And... air conditioning.
    After fitting the nose parts I found here in Seattle,7FD6582A-D1C2-4EBF-94B8-ADDF6D770113.jpgA31CE589-B2BA-4461-BF78-1F717CC75D90.jpgI took it on a road test to a local gas station and found that it ran and drove beautifully 4D63602F-3BA0-497F-AAC5-49C3CB2A3837.jpgso I then disassembled it 3638140A-8DAB-4555-8ADA-337DC2C0B869.jpg7244C573-F8C8-4481-AA03-81367417D9B6.jpg for a complete high quality paint job. 9FCFE59F-1A1F-4658-A4C8-C2B5B4AFA8C5.jpgI chose a new color— 1955 Mercedes Benz Graphite Grey. I am sort of tired of seeing white Hawks— seems like Studebaker must have gotten a deal on white paint, because from ‘59-‘63 there just seems to be PILES of white ones— and I thought with the red and black interior this non-metallic color would really “pop”.9C484C87-1362-47A0-B202-C9898B04B9B0.jpgWhat do you think? I’m now in the process of reassembling it. Will post more pic’s soon.

    I wish I knew why my pictures are so small— what am I doing differently than some of you?
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