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Thread: How much money does Mercedes make?

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    How much money does Mercedes make?

    Mercedes-Benz, a luxury car company founded in 1926, makes an average $339 profit every second.

    This amounts to an average $20,310 every minute, $1,218,656 every hour and $29,247,743 every 24 hours, according to Staveley Head, a U.K.-based car insurance provider.

    Staveley Head looked at the financials of 14 iconic car brands, including Mercedes-Benz. It used global yearly profit data from Mercedes' 2017 annual report and divided that by time periods — for example, it divided total 2017 profit by 365 to get a daily average. It did the same with 2017 revenue and units sold.

    Mercedes-Benz makes $1,017 profit in three seconds. This is more than the median weekly earnings in the U.S. for wage and salary workers in July 2018, who brought in $876 a week, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 48 hours, Mercedes-Benz makes a profit of $58,495,488. This is more than Barack Obama's net worth of $40 million.

    "We decided to break the figures down to show exactly how much the world's leading brands make every second, minute, hour and day worldwide, to create an actual picture of how the industry looks right now," Staveley Head managing director Ashley Peters tells CNBC Make It . "When looking at the recent performance of Mercedes sales and profits worldwide versus competitors, it's clear to see that Mercedes are one of the leaders in the 'luxury' car sales market."

    When it comes to revenue, Mercedes-Benz brings in an average $12,535,200 every hour and $300,844,800 every day. It sells five cars a minute and 7,200 cars in one day.

    Mercedes-Benz ranked #3 in revenue among Ford, Hyundai, Subaru, Porsche, Toyota, Bentley, Volkswagen, Skoda, Jaguar Land Rover, SEAT, Ferrari and Aston Martin.

    The price of a Mercedes ranges from $51,395 to $153,845, according to Car and Driver.

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    Is that gross profit or net profit? The net profit is a much better indicator of a company's financial health. The same for a person's gross wages and net, after tax and other deduction wages.
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    I don't think that I am that far behind the times. I believe that there are several models of Mercedes-Benz that have base prices below the quoted $51K.
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