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Thread: Aeronautical history buffs-Spitfire

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    Aeronautical history buffs-Spitfire

    This is an excellent 90 minute Spitfire video and I suggest that you do not wait too long to view it.

    This video can be purchased or rented, but for some reason this free copy is floating around the Internet and hasn't yet been Deleted. It may disappear at any time when the copyright owners crack down on it.

    It is quite recent, yet many of the people interviewed in the film are already no longer with us, such as S/L Geoffrey Wellum, W/C Tom Neil, ATA pilot Mary Ellis. They have all passed away this past Summer.

    Note at the 15 - 17 minute mark they discuss the Spitfire wing design and Canadian Engineer Bev Shenstone, who was responsible for the wing design. He was inducted into Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame in 2016.


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    Thanks for posting, Bill. As you said it's available on Amazon Prime for $3.99. I thought about buying it as it's in Blu-Ray and putting it on the 75" UHDTV but it's full of smaller frame size cuts that don't use the high def effectively but it's darn nice on the 23" desktop so thx again.

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