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Thread: 1974 Avanti Grill Improvement

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    1974 Avanti Grill Improvement

    As any number of you folks know, When Avanti Motors converted to a 5 mph bumper system (cowcatcher) in the early 70's they cut slots in the grill and whacked up the front opening ( and I do mean whacked) to allow it's attachment.

    I've put off the repair until this week due to other priorities. The first change was to repair the stainless grill, and yes I want the grill installed. Due to a lack of pix of the original grill the first shot shows the repaired grill with the pieces cut out and the later grill that gave up the parts I needed. I used many straight sections and two of the loops off the later grill to repair the 74 unit. Using my Century MIG welder and 0.030 SS 308 wire, it when very well. I know new grills are available but that's $225 I can use elsewhere.


    I polished it up with Scotchbrite and just couldn't get used to it on the front of the 74. Too much bling.


    The choices came down to body color (Daytona Yellow) or satin black. I couldn't visualize body color looking good so satin black it became.


    The final installation shows the grill in place with the cutouts in the body repaired with aluminum painted body color. I probably should have glassed up the openings earlier but - out of sight, out of mind. There were several bends required and aluminum made it relatively easy to bend.

    Leaving the openings as-is was not an option as a lot of air required for engine and A/C cooling would have been diverted through them.


    Setting the car on it's wheels is as close as delivery of the urethane sway bar mounts which are probably in a mountain valley somewhere between Sparks, NV and here as UPS notified that yesterday's delivery is "delayed" due to "mechanical" issues somewhere in that vicinity.

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    Nicely done! I'm a big fan of this kind of attention to detail. You should be proud.
    ~Matt Connor
    '59 Lark 2-door

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    That does look very nice. Another piece of the puzzle finished. Bill

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