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Thread: model rockets?

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    model rockets?

    Anybody else here like them, did them, or still do them?
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    Did them when a teen during the '60s...Estes rocket kits. Had a lot flights...not too many were successful though a lot of fun.
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    Ditto : mid 70s was fun for Me and My Buddies. even Hand built one,using a Paper Towel Tube for the Body, a piece of Drinking Sraw to guide it, piece of Foam for the Nose Cone,made a Chute out of a Plastic Bag and STRING "I borrowed from My Mother" . believe it or not,that thing actually was balanced quite well and performed nicely. must be because I Painted " AVANTI " on the main Body . can't remember what the Engine #s were B 10 B 12 or long time ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gunslinger View Post
    Did them when a teen during the '70s...Estes rocket kits. Had a lot flights...not too many were successful though a lot of fun.
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    My technology classes used to build them. The kits I had at school were good, but some kids bought better ones. The best one really performed well, but the builder did not angle it towards the wind like he was told. When the parachute opened it drifted all the way past the huge field we were launching in and disappeared over the woods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DougHolverson View Post
    Anybody else here like them, did them, or still do them?
    Brings back memories of High School.

    A couple of us were interested in launching "Rockets" so we found a combination of IIRC potassium permangenate, sulfur, charcoal made a decent fuel. We found about a 8' piece of heavy wall pipe at the old sugar factory site and launched about anything that would fit in it. Used to fire it up over the Saginaw river and into the flats across it.

    Science instructor encouraged it and supplied, at modest cost, the permangenate and sulfur. At one time about 15yo, I was one of the largest purchasers of dynamite fuse at the local hardware. My parents were fine with us mixing the fuel on their property. We were a town of about 1200 folks and the Police knew what we were doing but never interfered.

    I do remember a couple of times we had to scrape the rocket hull out of the pipe as we Von Braun'ed them.

    Times have certainly changed but thanks for bringing back fond memories.

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    I did Estes rockets as a kid in the mid to late 70's, then in the mid to late 80's when my nephews were in the 10 year old age bracket, and then again for a year or two when my now 20-year old son was in the 10 year old age bracket. I still have my launch kit, and a Big Bertha from my 1980's foray, and built a Der Red Max reissue maybe 6-7 years ago that I've never flown. Not sure if I'll get into it again, although I have a lot of wonderful memories - I see some of the high powered stuff and it looks like a lot of fun, but I feel like I already have too many hobbies, and not enough budget or time to pursue those at the level I wish I could, so I will probably admire from afar.
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    Had lots of fun with the rocket kits. We had a rocket weekend once a year with the Boy Scouts in the 90's. They would fly their kits and have a ball.

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