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Thread: IDYSD in North Carolina -- Document your IDYSD Events in NC Here!

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    IDYSD in North Carolina -- Document your IDYSD Events in NC Here!

    This thread is to document International Drive Your Studebaker Day events in North Carolina..............

    I'll start off - did not attend any 'organized' events, but did drive the '64 Daytona hardtop on numerous trips and errands around town. Probably drove about 30 miles all together, maybe more. Didn't think about taking a picture while I was out and about, but here is a picture of it parked back under the carport from the last trip. (You will just have to believe me on this one. )

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    Wore my T-shirt and drove my 1964 convertible to my grandson's soccer game. Drove around our small town and stopped to eat before going home.I would have driven my car more, but we were going out of town for the night and Sunday. My wife insisted on taking her car because it is air-conditioned.

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