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Thread: Taping Sheetrock, method preferred ?

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    Taping Sheetrock, method preferred ?

    Any One have a preference as to what tape works best, paper or self stick mesh
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    I like the mesh tape.
    Get a GOOD set of blades (3 or 4 widths), and a GOOD corner tool.
    Buy the light weight pre mixed mud.
    Good mesh sanding block/pads.
    Spend countless hours mudding and taping and sanding and sponging and mudding and taping.
    Then, price it and see how cheap some will do it.
    Stay away from spatter coats, and knock down finishes.

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    My wife and I have physically built two of our homes, and I've done lots of drywalling. I also prefer the mesh tape and like Jeff mud, sand, mud, sand. Bill

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    Its one of the last things in a house I would do myself (in the past). I have done a bit. It takes me 10 times as long as a skilled person and my work is 1/10th as good as theirs....but put some paint on and enjoy and it won't look too bad after a couple of beers!
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    I like the mesh better than paper tape. Using real plaster that you mix with water makes the best first coat, just put it on thinly so you don’t have to sand much. After that, the other coats can be pre-mixed mud. Be patient for the mud to dry thoroughly. To cut down on plaster sanding dust, get one of those attachments for a shop vac that has a bucket that you half-fill with water and an attached sanding head that uses abrasive mesh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 63t-cab View Post
    Any One have a preference as to what tape works best, paper or self stick mesh
    Some good suggestions, BUT...are you asking regarding a small repair/patch...or are we talking about a big full panel project???

    I have used mesh repair kits, but if I were faced with a large project, I would hire a professional and keep time available for the stuff I'm good at (like operating a recliner & TV remote).
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    My tribulations with the self stick tape is it doesn't always stay stuck. Also, I've had my DW blade snag on the mesh and create problems. That is not a vote for paper, just experience. Otherwise I agree, mud, sand (repeat as often as necessary). I'm usually at about 5 processes before I'm done but I am going for smooth walls, not spatter coating. And while I realize the spatter has some architectural function most old DW guys have told me it is mostly to cover up imperfection to get the job done cheaper/faster.

    What I really hate about drywall is hanging corner bead!!! One other thing, (just my opinion) if you opt to use the rounded bead (not a bad idea with kids or elderly around) it looks pretty lame if used on the bottom of a window. My personal preference is straight on the horizontals and round on the verticals.
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    Mesh is my preference. Unless you do this all the time the paper can cause little problems. Air bubbles behind the tape is the most problematic. Usually you find them the next day. The guys I hire use paper but they’ve got decades of experience. My 2 cents.

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    Mesh on the flat, paper in the corners.
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