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Thread: Need help identifying some old tin

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    Need help identifying some old tin

    Hello all.

    I am an archaeologist in Calgary Alberta. I recently did an impact assessment of some land in Saskatchewan. On that land I found the remains of a Studebaker. Not much remains but identifying the vehicle might help us to date the site at which it was found. The site is an old homestead dating from the first part of the 1900's and possibly used into the 1930's.

    If you can identify the model and approximate year, that would be great. There is a small badge on the firewall with the number 2853. Does this mean anything? I've noticed similar badges in photographs on the web, but no mention of what they mean. Serial number?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Jim Light

    So, here are some photographs of the car:
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    From the shape of the cowl, I would say the car was from the 20s, but there are people on here who can tell you a lot more about pre-war Studebakers than me.

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    If no one wants the steering or frame, at least save that nice STUDEBAKER tag.

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    I agree with Howard (52-fan): It appears to be from the 1920's. The tag is most likely a body number. Studebaker used tags like that right up 'til the end in '66. I'm sure one of our esteemed pre-war experts (calling Mr. Quinn!) will chime in shortly with more precise identification.
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    That body tag was used all through the 1920's, not sure when it started. The car looks like a 1922-26. The number tag only means the body number..... Need more numbers off of the frame tag. The frame tags were about 4x5 inches down on the outer left frame rail. The 'body by Studebaker ' was only used until 1933 or 34 ish. ? There are more experts than me on these but I thought I'd give up a little, since the post is just sitting.

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