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What size is your orifice. No!! The one on the sandblaster. I have the same unit as you do but I don't remember using anywhere near that amount of sand on a hood.. My control is a simple ball valve with a carbide nozzle. I wonder if your nozzle has a larger orifice that may be allowing more volume with less striking force. I'll try to remember to dig my blaster out of the storage shed tomorrow and measure it.

I think my compressor delivers about 16 cfm at 90 PSI and I use about 100 PSI when I blast.

Sorry I didn't reply sooner Bob. No excuse.
I don't know what size the orifice is.
I did slightly close the ball valve on the bottom of the tank and it seemed to be more economical as far as the sand usage,

Here's the hood after I finished the blasting and going over it with a DA W/80 grit in prep of the application of the DTAM primer to stop the rust until we can get to the metal repair.