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Thread: Packard Hawk vs. 1957 Golden hawk wiring harness

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    Packard Hawk vs. 1957 Golden hawk wiring harness

    What differences would there be between a 1957 GH harness and 1958 Packard Hawk harness?
    I have a N.O.S.1957 Golden Hawk Hawk harness and need one N.O.S wiring harness for a 1958 Packard Hawk.
    Anyone wants to trade?
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    About the only difference I can think of, might be the under dash "Courtesy Lights", didn't Packards have those Convertible type lights on the Dome light circuit?
    All switches and gauges would be in the exact same locations on both!

    OK, now I thought of the diff. you are going '57 to '58, that means all the Wire terminals are flat Spades not bullet type, an easy change.
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    There is no junction block on the fan shroud on 58 cars. All the connections to the headlights, and turn signals are flat pack connectors.

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