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Thread: Need '51 Champion Seat Hinge Covers

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    Need '51 Champion Seat Hinge Covers

    Good morning, all. I'm searching for decent seat hinge covers for my '51 Champion.
    Mine got lost prior to the car going to a shop for a resto-mod treatment.

    Sorry that my body parts catalog is 700 miles away, so I'm unable to provide a part number.

    Anyone have a pair they'd sell?


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    Part numbers:
    Used before serial number G1020883
    293186P right side
    293187P left side
    Used G1020883 and later
    293180P right side
    293181P left side

    Hope this helps.

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    Clarence, we need to know which Body Style/Type your '51 Champion is, to advise you correctly.

    The "Panel, side trim" for the 2 Door Sedan, Starlight Coupe, Business Coupe get an "L" shaped piece 293180P & 181P, so are DIFFERENT than the 4 door Sedan (Late: Note 16) 293186P & 187P & Early 294064P & 065P that have a Straight rounded Rectangular Panel on the side of the front seat at the floor level.

    There is also a "Seat Back Panel "COVER" it is a Tall Vertical piece the full height of the outboard side of the seat back.

    It is item "L" on 2 Doors, and item "M" on 4 Doors, and is likely a:
    "Call South Bend Main Parts Depot for Part Numbers of special order upholstered goods", because no Part Number is given.
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