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Thread: Dodge Truck Hemi issues

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    Dodge Truck Hemi issues

    Thought I would upgrade from my old dodge truck to a used '09 with a hemi engine (I worked on the design team at chrysler on the original design of this engine). However, I found out several recent years of trucks & cars have problems with bad lifters which destroy the camshafts. 4000 miles after purchase (with 89,000 miles), my truck is now suffering from the same fate. Chrysler is no help at all so we're all on our own for repairs.

    I've tried finding some sites on the internet to find out the best plan of attack to get it fixed. Unfortunately, all of the sites I find only want to talk about finding fancy wheels or lights or stereos....or crying about paying the dealers to fix their cars. I guess there aren't many guys who work on their own stuff anymore.

    So....I thought I'd ask here if any of you "old timers" have gone thru this, or have heard of anyone who has to give some tips. I want to replace the cam and lifters and delete the MDS system entirely (the cylinder deactivation system seems to be the cause of the problem).
    Mike Sal

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    Check these folks out for parts and advice including the MDS delete kits.

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    Since Josephine is MoPar powered I'm sometimes in on "for A-bodies only" & there it seems everybody's into & working on their own stuff, but you've probably discovered that already, & if not so I hope you'll get info there.
    Good luck!
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