About two years ago I got a fine from Fastrak saying I didn't pay a bridge toll in the bay area. Ironic because the car was sitting in my driveway 400 miles south. It was obvious that they has misread an "E" on the offending car as the "F" on my car. It seems the offending car has a plate frame ("San Francisco") that covers the lower portion of their "E" so it looks like my "F." What befuddled me at the time is the offending vehicle was a Toyota SUV and the my car is a Honda Civic. So, it is obvious they are not checking the manufacture with the plate number when they send notices. Anyway, I sent proof of the difference and it was corrected.

Now in the past two months I have gotten three more Fastrak fine notices. One was resolved, one is still pending (for quite some time) and the third I just received. But, get this, it says the infraction date is December 29th, 2016! WHAT??? Has anyone else had these issues? I'm ready to get the plates changed as this is getting utterly ridiculous. It takes well over an hour of my time to provide the proof that I was not the offender. Lastly is there a Fastrak scam going on? The other infractions showed the plate of the offending car. This notice did not provide that.