This data is a short exerpt of an article in the "Economist" magazine. It made me scratch my head

Most of us don’t look forward to a visit to the local DMV, it’s usually crowded, unfriendly and very time consuming. All that being said its light years ahead of the Chinese version. In Beijing if you want to register a car you actually must enter a lottery that’s held bimonthly. To enter you must already own the car; the odds of winning approval to register the car you already own range from 2 to 6%. The obvious inverse is that 98 to 94 percent of car owners cannot register their car.

It’s a bit different in the Shanghai DMV; they put the plates up to an online auction. In April there were 217K bidders for 9,855 plates; the average winning bid was the Yuan equivalent of $14,022 which is more than most domestically made cars cost in China. The auction bids amount to over 2% of the cities budget.

To cap this all off Shanghai and most major Chinese cities completely ban out-of-area registered cars from using any of their roads during “business” hours once you get your car registered.
Who would have thought that our local DMV (NYS) is actually a user friendly, lousy-goosey operation in comparison?