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Thread: Hawks on Mac's MCG

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    Money may not buy happiness, but it's more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.

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    Nicely-done article.
    Mike Davis
    Regional Manager, North Carolina
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    Good article and pretty accurate. I find it interesting that Studebaker seems to be getting the well deserved respect it did not receive by the mid-fifties. It was a real shame. But for those who owned them back then, they really liked them and were pretty loyal to the brand. I remember my dad struggling with the idea that his next new car was NOT going to be a Studebaker. He settled for Chrysler which seemed to be a reasonable substitute in his mind. He did buy a Morris Minor about that time as well and liked it but it was not a good car for a family with 4 growing kids. We held on to our Studebaker Lark wagon until one of us kids wrapped it around a telephone pole.
    Ed Sallia
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