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Thread: Lark production statistics for specific configurations available?

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    Lark production statistics for specific configurations available?

    I've recently purchased a 1960 Lark 2-Door Sedan with a V8 and 3 speed with overdrive. It came from the factory with the deluxe package and the original exterior color was Sandalwood Beige (it's now white with a red interior). My reproduced build sheet indicates it was built in 1959 and I believe it to be an early production 1960. The engine number indicates it is correct for the 59-60 Larks according to the research I've done and I believe it, the transmission, and rear diff, to be original to the car.

    My questions: is there any way to know how many cars were produced with this engine/transmission/option/color configuration? The production figures for 2-Door Sedans (F4 Body) in 1960 indicate about 8000 produced. Second question: is there any source where this information is stored (build sheets at the museum?) and could a further analysis of the data be done? Last question: are there other members also interested in this type of information?

    Thanks for the help.

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    The Production Orders are available to order from the Studebaker Museum in South Bed. <>

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    The answer to your question is NO. There is no way to make that determination since no records were kept on production with the specific accessory/option/color combinations.
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    The Corporation kept some statistical information on what cars/trucks were produced, but in the days before a computer on every desk, it would have pretty labor intensive to keep such detailed records that you are looking for. To do it now, a group of people would have to go through all 128,000 production records for 1960 and break all that information down. It has been done before, but on numbers of vehicles with much smaller amounts.

    If you haven't already, please add your information to the '60 Lark registry here on the forum. Good luck.

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    you could figure out pretty closely with what info is available and some estimation along the way. 1st. How many two doors, 2nd. how many colors were available. 3rd. possible interior in that color car (normally the color, white, black, but not red with a blue car or the like), 4. If you want to separate further you could auto/standard, v-8/6 etc.

    You will probably come to a realization that your car is pretty rare. The 66 Sport Sedan, one of 805 built is one of 54 known to exist (there is a registry specific to the yr/model) of which only 2 are black. Ours, has the optional black vinyl top, red interior, v-8, auto, and we are already past one of a kind I think. The isn't a Studebaker year or model that is so common as to likely see two identical cars more than 50 years after production ended would be my guess.

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    I have a number of 32,707 1960 two door sedans, not "about 8000".

    Yes, the information exists and if you want to pay for MANY hours of research, the answer can be obtained (but to what end?).
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