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Thread: carb adjustment

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    carb adjustment

    what is the best RPM to set the idle at on a 259 V8 with a 2b Stromberg carb. The manual says 550 - 600 rpm and I was just wondering if setting at 650 or 700 rpm would be better or worse. thanks

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    If the car is an automatic, a high idle will cause more creep when in gear.
    Try increasing the idle speed and see if you like it. If not, adjust it back.
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    Chock the wheels and set e brake. Adjust with car in drive. Otherwise its just like thunderations said: if you don't like all you gotta do is turn the screwdriver just a little.

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    If you get too crazy with the Higher than normal Idle, it will cause a late downshift to 2nd. Gear, and depending on the Ignition Timing setting and Temp., it could Diesel (run on) at shutdown.
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    You have to remember that the idle screw is subject to wear so you can take off for a drive and have to adjust it mid trip.
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    If the engine is in good condition, 550 RPM in neutral with a standard transmission or an automatic transmission in drive should give a smooth idle with little creep and no stalling with auto transmissions. If the engine stalls or runs rough at 5 to 600 RPM, start looking for mechanical issues such as out of adjustment valves, low compression, ignition problems etc. Bud

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