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Thread: 1950 Champion for 2K on Craigslist

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    1950 Champion for 2K on Craigslist

    Painted chrome just doesn't cut it for me. Some assembly required.

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    To me, it's not even worth $2000.
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    I remember this car from several years ago when it was starting to go together. I wasn't a fan of the powder coated chrome parts, but a lot of the work being done seemed to be OK. A person wanting a car like this may be able to save a few bucks by finishing this project rather then starting from scratch. Chrome work will cost the same no matter what, but the mechanical and bodywork looks to be OK and the interior being done is a money saver.
    Sure, it's not a 400 point show car, but as a decent driver, it may be worth the effort. It does have a battery hold down.
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    This looks to be a solid enough project. Of course, I would have those painted-over trim pieces rechromed so quickly it would sound like a sonic boom! With that in mind, I'd barter with him for $1,500 but I would be fine paying $1,700-$1,800.
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    What condition is that new paint? Does it just need a clean and buff? Anybody priced having one just painted these days?
    I agree it is probably a mistake having the chrome painted over, but for a pretty decent driver that just needs finished, I'd pay that.
    You're lucky it's not in Nashville, or I'd be on it myself. Of course looking it over for rust first.
    If it's got rust holes under the carpet, or frame, etc. Then I'd run. How much bondo?

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