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Thread: Fiberglas cleaner

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    Fiberglas cleaner

    The supercharger on my 2658 R2 Avanti started to leak. The supercharger has been rebuilt, however during its spitting liquid phase, I now have black residue on the inside of the fiberglas hood. I've tried various cleaners that I have, spray window cleaner, Adam's spray detail & window cleaner, however I can't seem to get it "clean" as in not leaving some residue. Any suggestions as to what I could use to clean this up? It's not 100% finished fiberglas on the inside as it is on the exterior so that there a slightly unfinished / rough feel to the interior of the hood. Any suggestions / tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    Try Goo Gone or Totally Awesome cleaner. Test in a hidden area first. Should get you where you want to go.

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    Also might try Go Jo and WD-40. I've had good luck with both for cleaning grease and oil stains, but I've never tried it on fiberglass.

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