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Thread: Electric W/S wiper motor in 1951; 2-speed replacement ?

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    Electric W/S wiper motor in 1951; 2-speed replacement ?

    After nearly thirty years (in my possession; 67 years overall) the electric W/S wiper motor in my '51 Commander has given up the ghost. In 1951 it was only a single speed motor; I believe 1952 as well.
    The electric motor in 1953 and beyond is 2-speed, along with the commensurate switch.
    Inasmuch as the '51 motor # 293662 needs replaced, will the later motor and bracket # 311168 install without modification? Or are there other options?
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    My 52 came to me without a wiper motor. Since the car had been changed to 12 volts, I used a 12 volt motor and it bolted right up. I don't know why this wouldn't work with a 6 volt motor from a 53-55 model.
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