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Thread: 4-Speed Shifter Mods - Service Letters?

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    4-Speed Shifter Mods - Service Letters?

    Subject: 4-speed shifters

    Service Letter U-1963-1 dated October 29, 1962 details some modifications to the T-10 4 speed shifter -- primarily a new Shift Lever, nylon bushings for the Shift Lever Retaining Pin, a different spring washer, and a "Shifter Guide Sleeve" (boot) p/n 1559675 that was installed on the very bottom of the shifter lever where it rides in the Shift Lever Guide.

    There was a later modification that eliminated both the 1559675 Shifter Guide Sleeve and the original Shift Lever Guide with p/n 1563002 "Plate, gearshift anti-rattle".

    Question: was there a Service Letter that covered the new p/n 1563002 Plate, gearshift anti-rattle?
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    While I don't have a copy of that service letter, I do recommend using the spring clip retainers rather than the plain cotter pins, as found in Mr. Gasket shifter bushing & clip kit # 11 , on the ends of the shift rods. Lou Cote

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    I've replaced the plastic bushings with brass along with the spring clip retainers. It helped but the Hurst shifter made it great.
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