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Thread: Tire suggestions for a Hawk GT 62

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topper2011 View Post
    Off topic, but can you elaborate on the disc brake conversion?
    I turned down the Stude hubs to fit inside the Mustang rotor and fitted the Mustang studs to them with .020 wall tubing spacers. The Mustang Studs are longer and have a sholder to locate the rotor. I also added an aluminum ring to the snout of the hub to make the wheels "hubcentric" instead of "lugcentric", but that has nothing to do with the brakes.

    Made this caliper mount from 3/8" steel plate:

    Bolted it in place of the drum brake backing plate, slid the rotors on and bolted on the calipers.

    I did the same for the rear. The adapter is almost identical except for the mounting holes, but the caliper needs some shimming off the adapter plate to compensate for axle shims.
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