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Thread: A note regarding fire extinguishers for judges and display cars at the tacoma international meet

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    A note regarding fire extinguishers for judges and display cars at the tacoma international meet

    TO ALL REGISTRANTS FOR THIS YEAR'S INTERNATIONAL MEET HAVING A STUDEBAKER JUDGED Thursday August 30 (Class 1-4), Friday August 31 (Class 5-9 and SI), and/or participating with your Registered Display or Judged Studebaker in the Saturday, Sept. 1 Car Show on Haub Field (Only Registered Display or Judged Cars will be permitted on Haub Field and must Display the Window Display Card on their windshield to gain entrance. Please read the following:

    The question of enforcement of the fire extinguisher guidelines at the International Meet this year has been raised by a number of Studebaker owners.

    This guideline will be enforced at the August 29-31, September 1, 2018 International Meet inTacoma, Washington. The text of this guideline follows below. This guideline applies to both Display and Judged vehicles at the meet this year and following years. This guideline is also applicable to ALL zone or regional meets where display or judging of cars is being done.

    “Failure to have an approved Fire Extinguisher will disqualify a Club member to display or enter their car into SDC judging at an official SDC sanctioned meet or show.

    The fire extinguisher must be UL listed or equivalent and fully charged. The minimum for all vehicles is a ULtype 1-A:5-B:C. For fire extinguishers without a gauge; insure that thenozzle is not obstructed and the safety seal is intact. The extinguisher need not be permanently mounted, but must be clearly visible and readily available.

    When the car is on display, the fire extinguisher should be on the ground near the left front wheel. For Drive-through judging, the fire extinguisher may beon the front seat or floor, but readily visible and available.“
    Thismotion takes effect on January 1, 2017.

    The fire extinguisher mentioned above is readily available at Lowes, Home Depot and Menards and your local hardware store for prices beginning around $20.
    Please be sure to have your fire extinguisher clearly visible when driving onto the judging area on Haub Field in TacomaThursday (Class 1-4) or Friday (Class 5-9 & SI), and near the left frontwheel when your car is on display on Saturday on Haub Field.

    Denny Foust, IM Committee Chair
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