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Thread: Shameless plug. Former Nels Bove Avanti on eBay

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    Shameless plug. Former Nels Bove Avanti on eBay

    I listed my '63 Avanti on eBay tonight. The car was previously owned by Nels Bove and I bought it from him in 2007. For anyone who might be interested here, the listing is pretty comprehensive, but if you are interested in what Nels had to say about the car in 2007, do a search function on "Nels" as a image.jpg user name and when his posts come up, go to page four where you will find a thread entitled "1963 Avanti 4Spd air cond".

    It it is a runner, and good looking to boot.


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    Darned clever ad, non forum members may be puzzled about the battery hold down comment. Looks like a good car and a thorough description.

    Here is the thread mentioned:

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    Really nice car and a nice ad, Tom. Hope it goes well past your reserve.

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    Great ad, great car! Good luck. Bob
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