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Thread: Hemmings dubs a Studebaker the first "Muscle Car"

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    Hemmings dubs a Studebaker the first "Muscle Car"

    I apologize if this has already been posted.

    Interesting article by Jeff Koch. First published in Nov. 2017, but in my Hemmings daily email today.

    I have often thought that one could certainly argue the Golden Hawk (either 56 or 57) was the first Muscle Car. But Jeff went one better.

    His choice for the first Muscle Car?

    1926 Studebaker Duplex Phaeton, powered by the Big Six engine.

    Story here:

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    Well... that's one take on "muscle car."

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    I guess everything is relative because of the difference in the time periods covered in the article. I recall reading elsewhere that those late 1930s Buicks were considered to be pretty hot cars back in "the day". Of course, the term itself "Muscle Car" is relatively recent.

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    Before power steering and paved roads there were lots of "muscle" cars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 52-fan View Post
    Before power steering and paved roads there were lots of "muscle" cars.
    Not to mention self-starters! BP
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