I had my hydrovac fail three yrs ago, had it rebuilt and decided to upgrade the chassis mounted m/c with a Turner dual. This, with the hydrovac have not been sucessfull, a hard pedal and no ability for a panic stop. Read a thousand posts, tried a thousand things, ive had it with the brakes from Hell on the Hawk. Had much help from the club, many suggestions and responses, however somehow “ALL” this info had been deleted and the Forum doesn’t know why.
I decided to put the original m/c back in, along with the distrubtor block and front and rear RPV’s and hope for the best.
In adjusting the pedal travel, the manual recommends 1/4” to 3/8” free travel from the pedal pad before the stroke begins. Problem is theres no pad on the car and I’d like to know the thickness so i can adjust the pedal stroke. I can make a quess and install a substitute for the pad.
The brakes on this car have cost considerable $$$$$ and enormous amount of time, im ready to give up and sell it withno brakes......thanks...dis-hearted.