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Thread: Another big bird in my yard

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    Another big bird in my yard

    You may recall a post I did in 2016 on what is thought to be a juvenile Red Tailed Hawk that was hanging out in a tree in my yard:


    Then there was this last summer at the farm:


    So, this weekend, I had a different species visiting.

    This is a female wild Turkey that was wandering non-nonchalantly through my yard this weekend. 20yrs ago when I first moved here, there used to be a lot of Turkeys around and flocks of them would cross the highway. I'd see bunches of them wandering in town nearer the river and hear them gobbling in the early morning. As more development has happened the past 15yrs, you seldom see one around anymore. So, for this one to be going through my yard in mid day was a surprise. Too bad my good camera was upstairs in the house and I only had the "garage" camera ready to hand to get this picture so its not a sharp as it could have been.
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