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Thread: Ol' Timey Candies

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    Ol' Timey Candies

    I may remember trying licorice allsorts and eating on some of my grandmother's homemade horehound every now and again, but I'm fairly certain that there are some delightful treats that I may never get to sample as a Millennial. That begs the question: what were some candies from the mildewed Rolodexes of your memory and what were they like to experience?
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    Payday was nougat covered in peanuts. Valomilk was marshmallow covered with chocolate like a cupcake. Three Musketeers had three sections of different tastes covered by chocolate. Horehound candy made by Claey's Candy of South Bend who makes many hard candies. I bought Claey's horehound at a Cracker Barrel store where they had a rack of different flavors. (Fort)Wayne Buns were chocolate and peanut covered with either vanilla or maple cream flavored filling. Hard not to like!

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    Ribbon candy. Mother made it during the Christmas Holidays, fond memory's. Here's a video on how it's done.

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    Most of the old penny candies are still being made somewhere. A google search can reveal multiple suppliers.
    I occasionally procure some Nik-L-Nips , wax lips , candy necklaces , Bit-O-Honeys and a few other of my old indulgences, just so the kids can experience some of my memories.
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    Necco Wafers are a New England favorite! They are also in danger of extinction as the New England Confectionary Company is in search of a White Knight to step in and save the company. They are the candy version of hardtack in fruit, licorice and chocolate flavors. I hope they don't go the way of the Educator Cracker Company's "Beer Chaser" crackers!

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    Cup of Gold was/is a candy that has marshmallow, coconut covered in chocolate and put in a wrapper like a Reese's peanut butter cup. My mother loved it. I found it at a dollar store years ago but not able to eat candy much anymore.

    Here is a link to this and other candy treats.

    If you go looking in the candy by decade link, you will see candy that will bring back your childhood and adult life. When is the last time you saw candy buttons, big hunk, bit o honey bubble gum cigars candy cigarettes licorice pipes, etc etc. You can order one of a box of your favorite candy.

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    Ganong's Chicken Bones are a delicious spicy cinnamon candy filled with dark chocolate, mostly sold in the Christmas season. They have been made by Ganong Brothers of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada since 1885. Ganong's also invented the chocolate bar, and their Pal-O-Mine bars have been in production since 1920. This is now a fifth-generation family-owned company, founded in 1875. Check out their website. They are also noted for their dark chocolates and peppermints.

    I saw their chicken bones being made during a factory tour a few years ago. They make a single chicken bone weighing close to 40 kg (88 lbs), then extrude it into a few thousand individual pieces.
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    I can still find Payday bars here in AZ.......and yes Bun candy bars are the best......which I can't find here is AZ. My brother-in-law (Wisconsin)
    usually sends me some for XMAS, and if he remembers, for my birthday.


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