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Thread: 49 Champion fuel issue

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    49 Champion fuel issue

    I can't seem to get the engine started without first priming the carb. Once started it runs fine. Shut it off, same deal, prime again. I've had the tank refurbished installed new steel lines and AN fittings. Does level of fuel in the tank make a difference?
    Contemplating replacing the mech. pump with an electric pump. Any advice on what pump to use? I'd like to have a puller pump under the hood instead of a pusher pump at the tank.

    Any ideas are appreciated......Thanks H. Smith

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    I bought 2 Holley rotary vane pumps and a Carter (Precision brand) rotary pump, and they work fine mounted where the old mechanical pump was mounted. This new gas evaporates too quickly, so the engine heat boils it away into the intake or evaporates into the air.

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    ^^^^^ Basically, what he said.^^^^^

    This new gas isn't anything Studebaker ever foresaw. Adding an electric fuel pump has cured this trouble for me on a couple Studebakers. Put the switch under the dash, and you can turn it off after the engine has started.
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    Could you have a bad accelerator pump in the carb, not giving that squirt of fuel to prime the carb?
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    My 49 Champion had problems, found a pinhole in frame to pump hose, it was original hose. But I installed a electric pump by tank also for hot starts when fuel seems to boil in carb. Ok now, but sure something will come up with alky/fuel. Now about self driving cars and alky/fuel, sounds like DUI to me.

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    Blah, blah, blah. Mask the real problem and install electric pump. Fix it to run as designed .

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    It will not cold start if the Choke is wide open and the accelerator pump are shot.

    The Fuel pump is likely fine and a fresh AC or AC style pump like you probably have, would work for a back-up "Spare".

    Airtex replacements for Champion 6 Engines have Never been a problem, so that also works.
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