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Thread: Tacoma International Meet Flyers

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    Tacoma International Meet Flyers

    Are there flyers made up for this meet for handing out atlocal events. The club says we now have the show on Saturday and have an opencar show to get non-Studebaker people interested. To do that we need to get theword out in the NW so they know about it. We attend car shows all summer andtalk to people and give them flyers for the Central Washington chaptersSeptember show any we get a good turnout. It would be nice to have a flyeravailable to download and print. Thanks
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    We try to get the word out on the meets in the format of Turning Wheels, and on the meet website Unfortunately, not enough people truly make the effort to attend the meet, so the question becomes: "If we spend more money to promote the meet, will more people come to it?". Production of the Pre-Meet booklet was ended approximately 4 years ago, as the $$$ spent on it didn't generate reservations immediately following the current year meet. Most people don't make reservations for the meet until after the holidays, and, before the loss of the discount (this year on April 30).

    Encourage your fellow members to come to Tacoma. On Wednesday, following the Board of Directors Meeting at approximately 1:00 PM, there will be a Membership Meeting, where you can and should ask these questions.

    We look to see you there.

    Denny Foust
    SDC International Meet Committee Chair

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