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Thread: Yugo hit's 100mph. IN ICE DRAGS

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    Yugo hit's 100mph. IN ICE DRAGS

    Looks like fun. Except for the ice, snow and cold.
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    I drove a Yugo once (and only once, thank you) on an icy road in New Hampshire and the darn thing was so slow it couldn't get out of it's own way. Stayed put in it's lane, though. I could have used that G.M. V8 for more pulling power. It really was a FIAT small displacement front driver. I think based on the 128. I think it was called a Yugo because when it came time to trade it in the salesman would say: "Yogo and take that thing with you."

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    Made me remembering riding mopeds & motorcycles on the ice, fun indeed!
    Thou once when I was on my way to land & felt the ice cracking & when looking down I saw the rear tire was under the ice surface, only the rim above, man did I go as fast as I could then...

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