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Thread: Confessions Of A Stude Lover...

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    Confessions Of A Stude Lover...

    Alright, although it should be clear to all who have even seen my posts that I'm a rabid Studebaker enthusiast, I must admit that I have more than passing admiration for one other make: AMC! Yes, the maker of Ramblers and Javelins had (and still has) enticed me with their unique history and unparalleled cars. Just before I purchased my lovely '62 GT Hawk, I was looking at an equally wonderful 1969 Ambassador DPL wagon finished in Hunter Green. It is very likely that I could have ended up with that and as such I would now be with the AMO instead of the SDC. Isn't that a thought?!

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    Wow! Close call! I am glad that you ended up with the Hawk and hope that you are also.
    Gary L.
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    I loved Nash Ramblers and the AMC Ramblers. In the end, though, the sight of a Studebaker...any Studebaker always caught my eye. And they were available with V8 engines! To me nothing sounds better than the rumble of a V8. SDC for me.

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    I prefer Studebakers too, but whoever did buy the AMC, assuming it was for sale when you bought your Hawk, also got a nice car. I hope the first thing they did was remove those fog lights from the front.

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    First car I owned, '65 Rambler Classic 660 two-tone brown body, white top. Bought it in 1970 for $500.00 and sold it in '76 for $500.00. Three on the tree with overdrive. 6 cylinder with a "leaky" distributor cap. Variable windshield wiper motor, pull out the lever to activate the vacuum motor while driving & the speed was "sometimes" okay. Stomp on the accelerator and they'd freeze in place. Take your foot off the accelerator and the wipers were the fastest you've ever seen. Easy to keep running, just go to the junk yard and look for a newer Rambler and take whatever part you needed. Rather than rebuild a carburetor take one off a '70. Door lever broke, take one from a newer model & it would fit just fine. Fold down front seats, & "How did you break it?" - Don't ask.
    Took the entire front seat out of a '68 and Dad never knew. Great car for a sixteen year-old. Do I want one today? -Nope! But it was fun while it lasted.
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    Growing up, Studebaker was the car. Yet when my parents both working needed a second car, a 1959 Rambler Classic with the 6/push button Automatic was purchased in 1963. My first new car was a 1970 AMC Hornet strippy. Several here know what the car that was traded for it plus payments of $74.85 for three years. Studebaker is still number one with me.

    Bob Miles
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    We left for Frisco in your Rambler
    The radiator running dry
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    Nice looking wagon! I learned to drive in Dad's 59 American 2 dr. It handled like a pig but otherwise was a nice little car, with that pretty body by Pinanfarina. The shifter was on the dash and it had a three speed no synchro box, possibly the last int the world? I learned to double clutch as I learned to drive. Also had a separate starter button on the dash IIRC.
    Diesel loving, autocrossing, Coupe express loving, Grandpa Architect.

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    I too have a soft spot in my heart for Nash and AMC cars. I took my driving test in my Dad's 1950 Nash Ambassador. Great car.
    That's a nice AMC Ambassador wagon that you posted. Nothing to be ashamed of.
    Of course, Studebakers are a little classier.
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