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Thread: Studebaker Maintenance and repair blog

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    Studebaker Maintenance and repair blog

    Hi everyone
    I'm doing some work this winter on my '54 Champion. I'm adding power steering, overhauling the front end including adding quick steering arms and upgrading to 11" drum brakes. I've just started and thought some folks might enjoy following along as I progress and solve problems along the way. LOTS OF PHOTOS of the work progress for those of you who enjoy Studebaker mechanicals.
    So if you would like to check up on progress just go to - the latest entry is at the top and earlier ones are below.
    Comments always appreciated.
    Hope you find it interesting - I won't be sending out emails when I do updates as I think that is intrusive. I will post often but maybe not every day.
    Graham Gagné
    Nova Scotia Studebaker Parts

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    Looks very nice. Hopefully, the lil six will have enough power left over to spin the PS pump.

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