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    Is there any easy way to change the left blinker bulb on a 56 Golden Hawk, everything seems to be in the way under the dash to get your hand on the bulb.

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    To be clear, you are inquiring about the telltale turn signal marker light on the dash, not the front or rear turn signal itself, correct?

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    There is no easy way to get at any of the bulbs behind the instrument panel. I've always had to crawl under the panel on my back and then reach up behind the panel to get at the bulbs. The job would probably be easier if the seat was removed, but that is just as big of a PITA to do. Bud

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    It is not a task for a guy who has trouble finding gloves large enough. You don't happen to known a pituitary dwarf who is a mechanic?? What always happens is you dislodge 2 or 3 other wires tring to get it in there. I have a super long needle nose pliers that sometimes works. Also have a superlong needlenose Vicegrip pliers that I have not tried on a bulb socket yet; seems too easy to damage it.

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