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Thread: Question for Richard Quinn

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    Question for Richard Quinn

    Richard, I have been directed to you by several sources, and I am on a quest to identify a car.

    I would like to start with this link of a recent sale of a 1931 Model 54R and the claim that there are, theoretically, only six in existence. This is the claim of the seller, not me. I do not know what the car sold for, and I am not interested in its value.

    I am interested if this claim is true, or close to true, and why would the 54R be so rare?

    You can PM me with a response, as I have a number of questions that just might bog down everyone who views it.

    Thanks in advance,

    Rod Powell

    Link to 54R that was sold:

    (if anyone else knows about the reason (or perhaps legend) of the rarity of the 54R, please chime in.
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    Hi Rod. I'm sure someone on here will chime in with some help! Good luck, and a cool car you have there.

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    That sounds about correct.

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