As best as I can tell, electrically the only difference between the ignition position and the accessory position is simply the ignition circuit. Is that correct, or am I mis-reading the diagram?

I have a dead short in ignition position based on the ammeter, no starter, but
in accessory, I see a minor discharge and everything works. The only electrical changes since I last started it was a rebuilt distributor, new plug wires, and fix a ground to the starter solenoid. and a ground to the right side horn which was also broken. The old "ground" to the solenoid was a piece of 14 gauge single strand wire rigged from the solenoid to the brake booster. Since the old ground was broken so far up into the harness, I ran a new stranded ground from the solenoid to the regulator base. Even removing the new ground and connecting the solenoid base to the batter ground gives the same issue. I'm thinking digging deeply into the ignition circuit only. What say the experts here?