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Thread: 259 Dyno Tests

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    259 Dyno Tests

    Start and Stage Your Studebakers

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    Nice writeup. It seems they only take Fakebook replies, which ain't ever going to happen from me, so here's my replies to the replies.

    "Studebaker used more nickel in there castings" Not really, but they do have a strong bottom end.
    "it is 70kg heavier than ford or chev engines. They class them as Tweens bigger than small block but not quite a big block. There TOUGH much stronger than ford or chev" For true, it's a big block outside and in strength, but a small block inside, so plenty of iron for the displacement.

    "Just bought a 64 avanti R1. Have a 289 donor. What can you build me for an extreme street motor? " We build a lot of them and 250 normally aspirated hp is reasonable and driveable; 300 hp and up are not as driveable and a lot more expensive. That's why most performance Studebakers have been supercharged.

    With the low compression the engine pulled 306 horsepower at 6,000 rpm on the dyno. Peak torque was 266 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm. The spread between horsepower and peak torque is unusual, but without knowing cam duration, it's impossible to know WIGO.
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    I expect Silverhawkdan to weigh in on this as he was driving this car on the salt back in 2010-2011. I saw it run out there then. A beautiful car and quite a sight on the salt.
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    Isn't this from several years ago?
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    The video is dated 2013.
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