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Thread: Lots to do!

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    Lots to do!

    Here she is. I know all the purists are gonna have a cow, but the red top is freshly painted (for FREE) and the body is satin black (for FREE) covering up all the body work that was done. Motor is a 1963 Daytona 289 V8. Fresh drums all four corners. Just got the carb rebuilt last week so probably going to fire for the first time ever for me. I bought this car almost 10 years ago and have never driven it or heard it run. So I'm kinda nervous. I've got to rewire it (as there is not a wire run) to 12 volts, and replace the sagging door pins and a lot of odds and ends. Just figured I would share.
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    Great looking project. If the engine hasn't been run for 10 years, or more, you may want to consider prelubing it,by running the oil pump with a drill. Thanks for sharing it.

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    I like it!

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    I am a half breed, not all purist, not all hot rod, But, my problem is I likum all. This looks like a FUN project. Get it goin and enjoy.

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