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Thread: Shock Absorber conversion

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    Shock Absorber conversion

    I have Delco lever and Link shock absorbers on my 1949 2R5. Wanting to convert to a modern day shock because of leakage. Looking for info on shock mounts, mount locations, and shock absorber recommendations.
    1949 2r5 28196
    170ci 6cyl

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    The front shocks mount to the frame right behind the radiator support and extend at about a 45 degree angle to the front axle. There are pretty good pictures of what the mounts look like in the 49-56 truck parts book. The problem is that the inner fenders were modified with a softball-sized dent to provide room for the upper shock mount.

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    Just curious if the OP found a solution? My 1950 2R5 has the same setup and I'm interested in doing the same conversion. Any learnings or help you can share would be greatly appreciated!

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