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Thread: Electric conversions of older cars

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    Electric conversions of older cars

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    Nice pic of an Avanti...
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    Like a lot of media, these days, I suppose you have to write something to justify getting paid. Every car I own is electric. Can't operate a single one without electricity.
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    I had a Camaro that was electric. It would be fully charged in 45 seconds, as I recall with the Juice Machine. Even a Tesla doesn't recharge that fast!!


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    Ok, replicas, fine. Basketcases, WHY? In the end I'd think that there is a limit on the number of "Replicas" that a manufacture can build and then all the current crashworthiness applies. And, in the end you still have the age old battery weight/space with lead acid or the cost of lithium. I'm sure the author can find a basket case Avanti out there to "kick-start" this idea..., with his own money.

    I have the whole electic car motor, controller, charger out of an Electrica 007. It has sat for well over 10 years now simply because $2,000 for lead acid batteries (estimated every 2 years) is more that the once a month $35 fill up I do with my gas car. I only paid $105 for everything as a hedge against $4.50 gas. I guess one day I'll have to take it down in the bunker next to my "Jim Baker Food Buckets." LOL
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