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Thread: Cost to Rebuild a 259 V-8 These Days

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    It's not an exact comparison, but I just finished paying for a rebuild of a 1955 Champion Straight 6 engine -- for my 1951 Champion (shot a rod through the block last summer.) The "new" engine had lots of issues -- rusted and broken valves, etc. It had been rebuilt once before. The process of stripping everything to bare metal and then building it back up again cost $7,000. But now she purrs and works beautifully. So yes, it can be very expensive. But I'm hopeful that this engine lasts a very long time. Cheers to Vern Ediger in Kansas for finding the engine, and to my mechanic and his team for the soup-to-nuts rebuild.

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    Deaf Mute so what your saying is your still making .50 cent per hour but paying three times as much for everything.

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    Deaf Mute, I can feel your pain. I was making $.85 an hour, working at a Signal Oil station in 1960 and you can not live on Social Security, just exist.

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    Well, I just ran the numbers on rebuilding the 289 that I just installed in my Avanti.

    The machine work that I sublet came to just shy of $1,100. This included decking the block to square it up, boring and honing, milling heads both for the deck (.040") and intake face, installing guides and hardened exhaust valve seats, grining crankshaft and balancing. If I dropped the balancing and squaring the deck I would only save $250.

    Parts came to just over $1,800.

    The one part that I have no dollar value for is my time; cleaning parts, putting it together, porting heads etc.

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