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Thread: Do fog lights work?

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    Do fog lights work?

    I've never owned a car with yellow fog lights. Did they really help you see in fog or just make you more visible to oncoming traffic?
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    Yes, they really help. Yellow seems to penetrate the fog (or blowing snow) better, with less back-scatter, particularly if they are mounted low. To get the best use of them, have your headlights off. Then you aren't trying to see through the back-scatter from the headlights. You won't be able to travel real fast, but you will be able to see the center line and the fog line, and stay on the road. And may have a better chance of seeing the tail lights of a vehicle ahead of you. You really should also have a bright red rear fog light, to make you more visible to drivers approaching from behind.

    Even white foglights, mounted low, are better than headlights in severe fog or blowing snow.
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    I installed HID bulbs in the fog light housings in my truck. The HIDs work even better than the yellow/amber lights, they really seem to penetrate fog. IIRC, they are about 3K-4K on the Kelvin scale. I think you can get them to replace most conventional bulb styles. Another interesting feature of HIDs, they seem to make swirling snow nearly transparent so you don't get that "warp speed" visual effect when driving in a snowstorm.

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