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Thread: FRP, the wonder product

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    FRP, the wonder product

    It has probably been around for years, but I have recently discovered the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. In the past year I have used it a dozen times and have found it to be a wonderous repair product. Many older kitchens have water damage under the sink and the bottom shelf sags or rots. Even my own rental had a rat eat through the new cabinet from the crawl space below. A whole other issue.
    First I install plywood over the damage and then cover the wood with FRP and the proper adhesive. A little trim on the front finishes it off and some tub caulk and Bobs your uncle.
    It cuts easily with a Rockwell tool.
    I even made new kick panels for the Champ using the old paper board as a template.
    The product comes in black or white at home supply stores.
    Anything to make life easier, and it sure beats replacing entire cabinets!
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    On small projects, I use a chunk of countertop (sink cutout), a waxed aluminum sheet, or a Rubbermade plastic cutting board..
    Mix up some fiberglass resin and mat. Lay it out, let it set up, cut it to shape..
    Nice flat sheet.

    Worked OK for this air block off panel in a hood scoop..

    Lowe's sells it in white...
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    Neat. Who knew tinkering with poly-carbonic plastics could be so much fun?!
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