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Thread: Steering Effort

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    Steering Effort

    I have completed my installation of factory power steering on my 62 GT. I am noticing slight difference in the steering effort from side to side the right turn takes slightly more effort than the left turn. I am happy with the over all feel of the steering not to mushy. I installed a kit in the control valve and pre loaded the spring per the instructions. I have not driven the car more than 10 miles. Any comments or experience would be welcome.
    Word of caution do not cross the lines from the control valve to the cyl. I did and when I had the car on jackstands started the car an turned the steering wheel to the right the wheels banged hard to to the left lock and then started going from lock to lock hard! had to shut off the engine to get it to could brake a thumb.

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    You are certainly NOT the first to make THAT mistake! Several people here have found out the hard way what happens when you do not note where those go.

    I don't remember the instructions we talked about and some used here, saying to Pre-Load the adjustment valve spring NUT, but back it OFF!
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